The Mempo


It’s the year 3020AD.

An ongoing war between rival AI factions has ravaged the planet. Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London, Shanghai... all in ruins. 

All that is left is a landscape littered with survivors and a single enclave protected by an Ion-Pulse bubble. Inside refugees, revolutionaries and Mempo, have started to rebuild.

Welcome to Mempo City.

Outside the bubble shield is the wasteland, controlled by Shoto Holdings. Once the largest, most profitable company on the planet, they are now one side of a still-not-finished war, waiting for their opportunity to get inside Mempo City and take what’s left of humanity.

On the inside is the last safe place on Earth. Those survivors who manage to make it here are determined to rebuild civilization. 

Their mantra: The best way to beat Shoto is not just to survive—it’s to thrive.

The founder and once CEO of Shoto Holdings, Xander is the architect of Mempo City and the leader of the resistance. He, along with the Mempo, scour the wasteland looking for and freeing survivors, and bringing them back to the safety of the bubble.

And the rest of us try to get on with rebuilding civilization.

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